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Overwrite index again

Dec 15, 2013 by Boby

Yet again 5 years later i seemed to overwrite my index while playing with a faststats uploading script. Didnt notice for over a month and had no backup. Used a lovely archiving website.

Old todo still stands as i havent touched this site in years as seen. Looking into creating some pages for servers.

Under Development

Nov 25, 2009 by Boby

So i acedentialy overwrote my homepage, atleast im assuming i did it. Recently gave a few people FTP access. I do have a backup but i figured this was a good enough excuse to setup this new site.

Update old pages
Fix buggy issues with Styles in Dreamweaver/.css file, and code in general.
setup minor server query for my CSS and Go server for index
Find a location for a Google Ad. Possibly right colum?


Global Operations Remake Mod

Global Operations Remake Mod, better known as GORM. Im currently developing CloserCombat for the Source Engine. It is in beta, also Iv added my own basic but special room. We currently have a private test server in CSS for GORM maps. Hosted by yours truly. We also have a Beta Mexico map. Seems we aquired it from GOS. The Global Operations Source Mod that gave up on the project.


Call Of Duty

Man have i been rolling some major face in COD MW. Having some issues with multiplayer crack for MW2. Currently unemployed so thats the only way i can go atm. So playin some MW1. Its rather sweet, rollin some face. Cant wait to get MW2.



These posts i guess would be considered Blogs, when i think of me blogging i personaly find it funny. Who would want to hear about me ramble on about whatever. Aswell as the horrible grammer errors.
Im happy with the new site, its got a good vibe in my opinion.