Simple Allaround Hacking

Simple Allaround Hacking, means the basics of the more popular things. Like Bluejacking, Packet sniffing, Bruteforce Password Hacking, Game Registry hacking, and etc. I donot promote illigal activity, only the educational side of how things work and how to use them. I wish to pass on in a simplified version of what I have enjoyed to whoever.

Packet Sniffing
BruteForce FTP, VNC, etc
Game Registry Hacking



its a common name for bluetooth hacking. Bluetooth is a protocol that phones and other devices can use for short distance comunication. Like filetransfer, voice streaming (microphones), etc. Everything has flaws but beacuse cellphones dont commonly upgrade their firmware avoiding these expliots are hard to avoid after the phone has been produced. Some programs use the exploit in some bluetooth items to do things such as steal contacts, leave messages, phone numbers, etc. There are a few programs that are used, some better then others. I will list every single bluejacking software i have found for mobile phones. Keep in mind the software uses java and not all phones support java applications.

I personaly own a Sony Ericsson Z310a and it seems that the Z310i is allways supported for everything. Unfortionaly every software i have received has some issue. Wheather it gives me an error or simply it wont let me click the dam button it simply doesnt work.

Here is a list of Bluejacking software. I refuse to host these files due to legal issues but i will gladly name them and leave it to you and google.

Super Bluetooth Hack v1.08 (also known as BT info)
Real Jack 1.1
Bluetooth Explorer

You can also visit to find hundreds of videos that explain how to use these programs. Please donot conatct me about how to use these. If you do you will be ignored.


Packet Sniffing
When you comunicate via the internet or anything you send packets. Packets are parts of your file that have information. Some are useless, others arent. You can get software to automaticly find packets that have possibly usefull things. I have used Cain which i will write other articals on since its a very usefull and widespan program. Cain can sniff packets and automaticly find passwords localy. Its GUI is also rather user friendly. Note this is not a port hacker, you have to be localy connected to whoever you plan on sniffing.